Customer Surveys

Let EchoPoint gauge and measure the pulse of your customer base. Our custom designed surveys will engage, measure and quantify results in a manner that is efficient and unobtrusive to your customers.

EchoPoint Surveys include but are not limited to:

Customer Satisfaction

Customer satisfaction is essential to achieve business success. How do we find out whether our customers are satisfied? Quite simply, the answer is to ask them. When you have EchoPoint conduct a customer satisfaction survey, we identify what is important to your customers. How, when, and how often you ask these questions are key factors to achieving relevant and timely responses to gauge the mindset of your customers. EchoPoint can design, record, and breakdown the data so you spend time addressing the issues truly relevant in your customers' minds to create a long lasting positive relationship with your customer base.

New Product or Service Interest

Looking to launch a new product or service? The first crucial step is to measure the market and your customer base regarding the initiative. EchoPoint can design, conduct, and gather key metrics that will help your long and short term business plan become a successful reality, not just a shot in the dark.

Net Promoter Score

Net Promoter Score is based on the fundamental perspective that every company's customers can be divided into three categories. "Promoters" are loyal enthusiasts who keep buying from a company and urge their friends to do the same. "Passives" are satisfied but unenthusiastic customers who can be easily wooed by the competition. And "detractors" are unhappy customers trapped in a bad relationship. Customers can be categorized based on their answer to the ultimate question.

The best way to gauge the efficiency of a company is to take the percentage of customers who are promoters (P) and subtract the percentage who are detractors (D). This equation is how we calculate a Net Promoter Score for a company:

P - D = NPS

While easy to grasp, NPS metric represents a radical change in the way companies manage customer relationships and organize. Rather than relying on customer satisfaction surveys, companies can use NPS to measure customer relationships. NPS allows CEOs to monitor how their employees treat customers. It magnifies the link between the quality of a company's customer relationships and its future prospects and public reputation.

Focus Groups

Focus groups can provide invaluable information when used. Focus groups are a powerful means to evaluate services or test new ideas. Basically, focus groups are interviews, but of 6-10 people at the same time in the same group. One can get a great deal of information during a focus group session. EchoPoint will coordinate and conduct focus group research for your Utility that will provide insight from an agreed upon cross section of your customer base.