Conservation Programs


Live Green...Save Green.

The peaksaver program allows for the installation of a device in the homes of qualified customers that enables the system operator to briefly control the home's central air conditioning system during 'critical' peak-use times. Reducing peak demand helps to improve the reliability of the electricity system, lower the overall price of electricity and reduce the amount of pollution by reducing the amount of electricity generated by coal-burning power plants.

EchoPoint Solutions offers complete program management as well as a la carte services to help support your LDC's Demand Response initiatives. Our turnkey solutions include:

  • Complete OPA Reporting and Submissions
  • Customer Acquisition Call Centres
  • Sourcing, Installing, Maintaining Load Control Devices
  • Marketing
    • Customized Creative Design
    • Direct Mail
    • Bill Insert Printing
    • Event Marketing and Representation

We have effectively managed the peaksaver program for LDCs in Ontario since inception and understand the barriers and issues that can arise. Given our extensive experience, we have the ability to overcome unforeseen obstacles in order to ensure the complete success of your program. We have developed proprietary software to effectively manage customer data, service related issues & reporting, and all of our certified HVAC technicians have been trained to install Comverge or Cannon/Honeywell thermostats and switches.

The Great Refrigerator Roundup (TGRR)

The Great Refrigerator Roundup program is designed to remove older, inefficient fridges and freezers from the electricity system. Generally, these older appliances, located in basements or garages, are plugged in but rarely used to their full capacity. The fridges, commonly referred to as 'beer fridges', are typically much older units that use two to three times more electricity than new refrigerators.

When it comes to disposing of old appliances, not too many people know who to call for assistance. Through our extensive marketing techniques and promotional events, EchoPoint makes it easy for you to reach an extended audience to inform them about TGRR. Once the word has been spread, we'll even manage the program for you by being readily available to answer customer inquiries, set-up convenient appointments and arrange for speedy pickups.

Power Savings Blitz

Save electricity, save money and help the environment - all in one move!

The Power Savings Blitz program is designed to retrofit hard to reach small retail businesses across the province. The program provides turn-key lighting and water heating retrofits for small commercial businesses in the non-food and office sub-sectors such as professional dry cleaners, medical offices, beauty salons, convenience stores and other small retailers.

The Power Savings Blitz has proven to be very successful and within a very short period of time we have experienced a tremendous uptake with general service customers. We have developed a comprehensive strategic plan, as well as proprietary tools in order to both deliver and track this program for LDCs throughout Ontario.

Electricity Retrofit Incentive Program

The ERIP Program is designed to remove older, inefficient lighting, motors, HVAC (Heating, Ventilation, Air Conditioning), and other inefficient electrical systems from commercial and industrial businesses and the electricity system. Generally, these older systems are nowhere near as efficient as products currently available in the market. ERIP offers strong incentives towards retrofitting buildings up to the highest standard of electrical efficiency.