Marketing Plan Development

EchoPoint's Marketing Campaigns are designed to bring your products and services to your wider target audience. Our well-organized and conceptualized campaigns are custom-designed with your ultimate goals in mind. All of our campaigns are custom developed and implemented for each of our clients; we do not give cookie cutter answers, and we do not offer ideas that have been shoehorned to fit your needs. EchoPoint follows a tiered approach to implementing an institutional wide marketing plan. In this approach four distinct paths combine to produce a successful marketing outcome.

Our first step is always Information Gathering and Assessment. It is during this phase we ask the questions: What does the client want? What are its values? What are its goals? It is the information gathered during this phase which provides the foundation for the plan.

Secondly, we provide a Formal Finding and Presentation of the Information gathered during phase one, as well, a planning strategy is developed around four to six overarching goals and recommendations which leads to the third step.

The Corporate Marketing Plan provides the umbrella under which all aspects of the plan operate - it takes large chunks and breaks them down into manageable segments.

Finally, the fourth level of the initiative is the Project Implementation Plans. Where the Corporate Plan provides the 'what is to be achieved', the Project Implementation Plan tells us 'how' these objectives are to be met. Throughout the process we consistently gauge and measure results and always hold the option of changing course mid stream if results indicate it is the best option.